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What is IDPA?

What is IDPA? International Defensive Pistol Association. . .  a shooting sport based on defensive pistol techniques, using equipment including full-charge service ammunition to solve simulated "real world" self-defense scenarios.

Join us aat our next INTRO to IDPA class -- see events for next scheduled class!


Open to everyone! You MUST register to reserve your spot! 

Register at:  www.practiscore.com - (search 2AW in upcoming matches)

If you are a paid 2AW member cost is $10, non member is $20

For more info and to join 2AW @ www.2aweaponry.com - If you are a new shooter to IDPA please arrive 30 minutes early for intro crash course! If you would like to watch feel free - spectators welcome.....

What you need to attend:

You need a fully functioning handgun, good holster (no AIWB), 2-3 mags, and approx. 100 rounds. We will have a full group safety brief before we begin the event. If you are new - arrive 30 minutes early for intro crash course! ALL FIREARMS WILL BE HOLSTERED, UNLOADED AND FULLY CLEAR WHEN YOU ENTER THE RANGE and will remain in that condition until you are instructed. IDPA level I match, with the following divisions: BUG, CCP, CDP, ESP, REV, SSP, Rimfire

Handgun Training Class

 Owning a handgun is just the first step - let us teach you how to PROTECT YOURSELF!!  Join us at our next Handgun Training Class! Lead by state licensed instructor! Learn all the fundamentals and safety involved with handguns, followed by hands on training in our state of the art indoor shooting range. Learn all the basics along with proper stance - aim and trigger control - You will not only leave with handgun knowledge but with confidence!  

How do I sign up? Email or call in advance to reserve your spot - classes limited for one-on-one training.  First come first serve day of if reservation is not paid in advance.  

What do you need to bring? Your handgun and ammo - don't have these yet? No worries . . . we rent or sell handguns in store along with ammo!